Dynamic firewall rules

  • Hi every body!
    I am new in this forum. I have an urgent problem. Before I used RED HAT as my firewall but now I'm trying Pfsense because it seems me the best. In my company, the rules which apply to all services change every time. I explain: for example at 12h-14h, the FTP service is enable but at 14h-18h, it's disable.
    When I used Redhat, I put the rules in a script and run it through a crontab.
    Is it possible to do that using pfsense? If it is, in what way?
    If you have a another solution please tell me.

  • Look at schedules.
    You can assign a schedule to every rule.

  • Thanks for your response. I'm going to try it!

  • I found that a schedule is for the current rules.
    you said:```
    You can assign a schedule to every rule.

    It means that I should re-create other rules (rules B) for another schedule ( schedule B)?

  • You can assign the same schedule to multiple rules. (10 rules using 1 schedule).

    Or you can create multiple rules using different schedules, but each rule only one schedule (10 rules, using 10 schedules, each rule a different one)

  • thank you GruensFroeschli. I understand now, I'll try it and I'll see if it works or not.

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