Problem with access to WWW and some other question like WEBGui & VPN

  • Hello!

    I have pfSense with 3 LAN interfaces and 1 WAN side.

    WAN with DHCP setting,
    LAN with DHCP inn range
    LAN 2 (OPT1) with DHCP inn range
    LAN 3 (OPT2) with DHCP inn range

    LAN connected to a PC
    LAN 2 connected to AP (Linksys WAP54G)
    LAN 3 . Not used yet.

    All clients get IP true DHCP but only LAN interface can get out on WWW. What is wrong?
    Some time it takes time to get IP setting from the DHCP on the LAN, is it something I can do to speed the proces up a bit?

    I have also problem with access to WEBGui from another site in the city true WAN. How can I do so I can access WEBGui on the WAN side?

    Some people talk about setting up a VPN server to get secure access to the router and inside the LAN's. Is that possible? If so, how do I do things like that. I have no Pc to set up like a VPN server so I hope pfSense support it.

    I hope somebody help me out ther, I'm fresh on FreeBSD and pfSense.

    Thanks  ::)

  • You need to create rules at the OPT1 and OPT2 interfaces to allow traffic at firewall>rules, opt1 and opt2 tab. Check out the rule already present at lan tab and clone that over to the opt's.

    The DHCP Server should work just fine, in fact I don't have any problems with it nor have I heard of problems yet. In case this is a problem behind the wireless connection this might be due to link quality.

    To access the webgui at WAN see wan

    For VPN you have 3 options, all listed in the menu under the vpn dropdownmenu (only pppoe is not usable for tunneling in from wan). Search the forum for discussions on the various options and limitations of each of these. It has been discussed before.

  • Thanks so long.

    A question back is when I set up IP sec site to site. What do I have to do if I'm going to get WEBGui with it?
    Can I access all LAN with it or how do I get access to LAN, LAN 2 and LAN 3. Why I ask because I'm the admin. I like to se who is connected something like that.

    I have never set up VPN so if some one have a guide so please send me a link. I don't use PPPoE on any sight. What type of client program is recommended?


  • To make all local subnets available to the other end either use a subnet that covers all subnets at the multi interface site or build 3 parallel tunnels.

    The webgui will be availble through ipsec without any problems by it's local IPs.

    You will find sime IPSEC Clients and a howto to one of them at out linksection:

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