Cannot create account on

  • As far as i can tell the only option i have is "Log in"

    i enter fake credentials and click the Log in button, and get the error:

    Login error  There is no user by the name "asdf". Check your spelling.

    If i instead enter fake credentials and click the E-mail new password button, i get the error:

    There is no user by the name "Asdf". User names are case sensitive. Check your spelling, or create a new account.

    Fortunatly create a new account is a secret link, which i click, and get the error:

    You do not have permission to create this user account, for the following reason:
    You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested.

    How about instead of not allowing people to create accounts, people are allowed to create accounts?

    While we're at it: how about instead of requiring people to create accounts, people are not requried to create accounts?

    While we're at it: rather than changing the default look of the wiki, leave the default MediaWiki theme?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Registration is disabled due to spammers. I can create an account for you if you'd like, e-mail or send me a PM with the username, password, and e-mail address you want to use.

    This is a necessity, unfortunately. If access is left open, it gets hit constantly by spammers. It still happens on the Dev wiki from time to time, and is a regular problem on the forum also but we clean it up faster than most people see it. There is no way it could be left as open-access.

    The design of the wiki site is set. It was redesigned recently and looks really nice. Why drop a good-looking theme and go with a vanilla default theme that doesn't set the site apart from thousands of other wikis?

  • Not really a Wiki then, is it.

    i was hoping to contribute to the Wiki; add some documentation. Plus it could really use some organization; rather than the haphazard random jumble of  tid-bits that people have thrown into a pile.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not much of a wiki when it's overrun by spammers, either. :-)

    If you really want an account, just mail us at, but don't make any giant changes like reorganization without asking first.

    It isn't really all that haphazard/random, though there could be some better distinction between How-Tos and FAQs.

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