Transparent bridge firewall, how to define WAN as unnumbered?

  • How do you setup a transparent bridge between OPT1-WAN, using the LAN interface for management without assigning an IP to the WAN interface?  The GUI complains if you set it to static and don't add IP info.

    If I leave the WAN interface at DHCP, my cable modem assigns a 10.x.x.x IP to it but these leads to erratic behavior.  I had it working for a while, but with a lot of traffic graphed I couldn't account for with tcpdumps on the host behind the bridge or the pfSense install itself; after a while it stopped altogether.

    Or is the better practice from a pfSense perspective to bridge WAN-LAN and manage from OPT1?  Either way I need to supply an IP for WAN1 because of the GUI's complaints.

  • I'm not sure if it is possible on 1.2.x, but on 2.0 beta you could probably configure WAN as "none" for the address type.

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