Cisco firewall vs pfsense firewall

  • Hey guys.. i would like to ask you a few question..

    Whats the difference between cisco firewall vs pfsense..

    I am using apix and also pfsense but i didnt find any difference.

    If you think pfsense or cisco is better plz tell me the difference

  • Cisco do a huge range of kit.  You yourself can work out the difference by looking at the feature list for the particular model (with the relevant options) and compare it to the features of pfSense.  Just keep in mind that with Cisco you're also buying the hardware that'll process the specified number of packets per second and bandwidth.

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    You also need to compare license and maintenance fees.

    Often the Cisco hardware is capable of a lot more features and functionality than you buy out of the box, but you must pay additional fees to unlock these. With pfSense you get all of the functionality without any of the added fees. (The "Cisco tax" as some people call it.)

    There are some features that a PIX/ASA has that pfSense doesn't (like IPsec+NAT) and there are many features that pfSense has that a PIX/ASA does not (too many to list here!)

    You may not be using any of these features, but many of us do. :)

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