Pfsense in VMware on my atom-based server - need some advice

  • Hi,

    I allready have an atom-based PC I use for NAS, fileserver ect., and instead of spending a lot of money for a new router just so I can get good QoS for my 20/1Mbit connection (so I can run torrents in bulk without slowing down everything), I had the idea that maybye I could run pfsense in VMware to act as the main router for my network and do QoS. the PC has lots of RAM, and even the atom should be more than strong enough for this task right?

    So 2 questions:

    1 - What installation should I use? I see there is now a "VMware app", but I have no idea what that is. Obviously its meant for use with VMware, but is this some sort of version spesifically for VMware, or what is it?

    2 - Does anyone here have hands-on experience with a similar setup? Are there any problems or issues I should be aware of up front?

    I am a newbie to pfsense (only barely used it in the past), but otherwise I have a strong understanding of networks and computers. Please give me some advice on what I should start out with :)


  • Jitter and latency will go up using a firewall within a VM.  It may not matter to you, but if you use Skype, VoIP or the like, it will.

  • I'm using several pfsense firewalls in vmware with very few issues. As long as there is no VOIP traffic involved you should be good.

  • VMWare and VOIP are beginning to mix - see Mitel's latest announcements over supporting the majority of their VOIP solutions in VMWare.  We have also used pfSense in a VM for branch office firewalls with great success - and these include VOIP (Mitel - ~30 handsets)

  • Banned

    I use voip in VmWare… issues at all.

    If you have issues, you have set it up the wrong way.

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