Quick question: do you need 2 NICs when you run pfsense virtualized?

  • Hey,

    quick question: Do you need 2 NICs when you run pfsense virtualized, or is that only required when you run it right on the hardware? When running under VMware you can just create new virtual interfaces that uses the same physical one, so that should work on a single 1gigabit NIC as long as network throughput is not an issue right? (I only have a 20Mbit internet connection anyway).


  • I've done it before by connecting my DSL modem directly to my switch, so the router can communicate over the internet connection and the local network through the same physical connection (with two virtual interfaces on the virtual router).  If your internet connection is configured by DHCP, you may need to disable the DHCP server on LAN and manually configure the systems on the network (including the host, if you want internet access on it) to use addresses on the LAN subnet, use the router's LAN IP as the default gateway, and as the DNS server.

    If your connection does not support configuring by DHCP (if it is PPPoE, PPTP, or requires manual configuration to even work), you might be able to configure the local network with DHCP.

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