Captive portal and proxy

  • Hello,
    I am at the end of the training network and I have to mount a captive portal project : I chose to work with  pfsense and i have some problems.
    I join a network diagram of the concerned
    I installed Pfsense on my desktop PC that has two network adapters:
    WAN :
    LAN :
    I followed the tutorials to configure pfsense, I have no DNS, so I put the @ router ( which route to the proxy (do DNS) . Not domain no longer, therefore I am filled with "local".
    Pfsense LAN-side is connected to an access point.

    On the laptop by typing the @ LAN interface I can configure pfsense. So I set up the captive portal.

    1st problem: the concern is that when I click internet explorer the captive portal page does not appear, to have this page I have to type the url, then I can I login.

    2nd problem: once login I don't have internet access I am obliged to tell the proxy in internet explorer ( 8080) and then it works.

    So to sum up when I click on IE with the configured proxy, a request to is and fails.
    And when I click on IE without configured proxy a request is made and also fails.
    (My colleague has exactly the same concerns as me with firstspot another portal captive)
    Of course we don't hand so the router WAN portion and the proxy.

    Please enlighten us. Sorry for my English. I hope it’s clear. Lol.

    ![schemas du projet.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/schemas du projet.jpg)
    ![schemas du projet.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/schemas du projet.jpg_thumb)

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