Parental control

  • (I'm not sure if the firewall section is ok for my question …?)

    Hi there,

    Having 2 children with a PC being connected to Internet, I would like to limit their access to only HTTP, and ONLY on specified website, having any other website automatically blocked.

    I have 4 computers behind my pfSense, and only one needs to be limited for children.

    Does anybody have advices for that purpose ? I guess I may use Squid, but I dont know how to do that. Maybe another solution would be to limit the computer's IP adress from the firewall, blocking everything but what I specify but I guess this is a complicated solution.

  • Our acl's are of a first match type.  Put a rule at the beginning that allows the restricted PC access to the website(s) needed (and to DNS possibly) and follow that up with a deny rule from that restricted PC to any.  The remaining policy will apply to the rest of your machines.


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