Sangoma s518 ADSL PCI Modem Support {$100}

  • I will pay $100 cash OR give you a s518 card ($150 value) for a pfSense package which will support using the Sangoma s518 ADSL PCI modem card for a WAN connection in pfSense.


  • If you can give me remote access to a machine with this card in it, assuming it's supportable in FreeBSD (it looks like it might be), I'd be willing to take a crack at this and depending on how it has to go in, either pull it into base, or make a package out of it…whichever makes the most sense once I see what needs to be done.  As much as I wouldn't mind having the hardware, having a CO with no DSL capabilities kinda squashes any desire I have :)


  • Good news. has FreeBSD 6.x drivers for the s518 ADSL card.

    Has anyone got this card to work in pfSense 1.0.1 ?  It would be nice not to need an external ADSL router with my Soekris 4801 firewall.

    From the file "DESC" in the tarball :-

    This package contains the latest Sangoma drivers that supports following 
    Sangoma cards under FreeBSD OS:
    o S508 ISA card
    o S514x PCI cards:
              S5141 1 CPU, S5142 2 CPUs, S5143 FT1, S5144 T1/E1,
              S5145 56k, S5147 T1/E1 2 CPUs
    o S518 ADSL PCI card
    The current version wanpipe-3.1 supports following protocols:
    o Cisco HDLC, Frame Relay and Point-to-Point (for S508 and S514x cards)
    o PPPoE and PPPoA (for S518 ADSL card)

    Release date:
    Mon Apr 23 09:18:54 EDT 2007

  • I would be willing to add another $75 to this bounty in order to use the Sangoma card.  This would be a sweet addition!

  • All
    This bounty still open?
    I'll take a crack at it.
    Careful with the unmodified drivers at sangoma, if they're anything like the linux ones, above a certain version number the S518 goes into an endless retrain loop :(
    I'll take a looky at how to build freebsd based pfsense modules now.

    The Sproggg

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