CP Login page based on browser agent

  • Hello all,
    i would like to create  in CP, 2 login page that can serve normal and mobile users.
    Is this possible in some ways?
    Thank you for your help


  • anyone come up with an answer to this as i'd like to do the same

    Thanks in advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can have PHP code in the portal page (at least on 2.0, I thought you could on 1.2.3 but I might be wrong), just make some PHP code that tests for the browser string and if it's non-mobile, give the full page, if it's mobile, give a scaled-down page. Take a look at /usr/local/www/fbegin.inc for some pointers, it changes the theme if it detects a mobile browser.

  • If i'm not mistaken, you can run PHP code in your CP login page..

    so your CP login page can have a php code to check user_agent / browser  and redirect user to another CP login page based on that..

    if you can only run 1 page for CP (as i see in pFSense) then you can try embedded iframe for that CP page and load pages from external (but still on the PFsense publicly accessible folder www/)

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