External Traffic Blocked - Even with NAT rules and Nat Reflection Setup

  • Hi,

    i have been digging around on all the forums for the past few hours trying to find the solution to my problems. Yet no one seems to be having them under the conditions i am having so i have listed what i have tried and what i havent tried below:

    1. my pfsense server is running my ppoe connection as my modem is in bridge mode ( so pfsense controls the ppoe connection )

    2. i have enabled NAT Reflection and i can see my website within my lan, however external it is still not working. This shows the port forwarding is fine but something like the firewall is blocking the external traffic.

    3. I have setup port 80 port forwarding to ip address as mentioned above it works locally however if i check from a server in the UISA i still get the page no displayed.

    4. I have changed the web port from 80 - 85. That made no difference

    5. I turned on NAT Reflection. - No change at all execpt i cna can see my site in my lan but not externally.

    6. I have setup split dns  - this made no effect to the state above :S

    Sp what have i done wrong or missed. I have only been running pfsense for a few hours and i carnt get this part working what so ever.

    Please help asap i have 4 sites offline atm


  • i may have found the issue, standby

    ** UPDATE **

    I may have fixed it i dont know. I can access the services from the ip address but it seems the dmain names arnt working.  Might be something to do with the dns server. i am investigating now

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