VOIP registration

  • I have several VOIP accounts from my IP Pbx (Sipx from Sipfoundry) that I register to.  My problem is that two of the voip provider accounts fails to authenticate (all different providers).  I've placed other firewalls in front of my pbx (IpCop, Monowall, Endian etc) and all works without a problem.  The only time I would have this authentication problem would be through Pfsense.  I would really like to make Pfsense my permanent solution, because I have the Qos and VPn working great.  All I need is for all my VOip registrations to work.  I've forwarded the ports to my pbx and created a LAN firewall rule to allow all outgoing.  What else do I need to do for the Voip registration to work?

  • You may need to enable AON on the NAT side of things, and then enable static port for that.  STF - there are a number of posts addressing this.

  • I can't thank you enough.  I had the AON but without the static route selected.  Racked my brain for days with this.


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