DNS Issues

  • I currently host 5 websites on a windows based web server running plesk 9.0.1, all the domains worked fine until i had to move the server to behind the firewall because someone thought it would be funny to ddos my connection and it kept slowing the connection down.

    Since i have done that i have i have lsot all domain propergation for some reaon i can access the server via the ip address and i get the default domain page but when i try and access the url i dont get the website instead i get the "page cannot be displayed" message

    however from within my lan it works so it shows its an issue with the firewall somewhere ( keep in mind that i have enabled NAT Reflection ) I also have port forwarded ptcp/udp port 53 for the dns server and this has made no effect

    what is causing the issue?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In order to properly offer suggestions, we'll need a lot more information. For starters, the exact contents (preferably screencaps) of your firewall rules and NAT rules. You can block out any public IPs but if you do so, at least leave the last octet.

    Before gathering that info, first have a look here:

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