Virtual and physical network - connecting to pfsense

  • hello,

    I am running Win xp pro pc and Vmware Workstation 5.5.1 . I have installed pfsense in virtual guest on FreeBSD as per tutorial. My pc has 2 physical NICs. 1 NIC is connected to router. other NIC is not connected. pfsense was installed on virtual pc with 2 virtual NICs.
    1 NIC is bridged to WAN ( DHCP) and second NIC is Custom VMNet2. (

    host pc (
    router (

    I can ping host win xp pro pc from pfsense. I cannot ping pfsense WAN or LAN address. I cannot get into pfsense Webconfigurator ( ?). I am newbie i dont know how to reach Webconfigurator from pfsense either. i get console setup on pfsense.

    Is my setup correct? I would like host pc to connect to pfsense and also configure and use pfsense as firewall aftrer router. I am newbie please be kind to explain in simple terms.

    Many thanks. I look forward to your help.

  • link you 2end nic to the vmnet2 network

    you will now get a ipadress from pfsense in the 192.168.1.x range
    now that you have access to the lan port of pfsense will work

  • link you 2end nic to the vmnet2 network

    Could you please tell me how to do this?

    i tried couple of settings from vmware virtual network settings but i could not get it to work.
    how to do this. please elaborate.

    Thanks for your reply.

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