One Eth - One wireless config

  • Hello,

    I have bought a special device with one Ethernet and one Wireless Alix 3D card.

    It has one Eth and I have installed a WLAN card.

    Normaly I could use the Eth as WAN (using either DHCP or PPPoE), but in that case I can not access the config…

    Or configure Eth as LAN, in that case I can access the configuration menu but I can not configure LAN as WAN.

    What would be your advice ?
    How can I solve that ?

    Thanks for your support.


  • Assign the wired interface as LAN and the wireless interface as WAN.
    Configure the pfSense so you can access it via the WAN (create a firewall rule on the WAN).
    Make sure to uncheck the option "block private subnets".
    Reassign the interfaces so the wireless interface becomes the LAN and the wired interface the WAN.
    Now you can access the pfSense via the WAN because you created a rule allowing it.

  • Ok,

    In fact I simply configure LAN as WAN and then configure everything for It to work…
    This is not really very intuitive…

    A default option to auto-setup WLAN as AP on LAN and allow access with simple passwd would be nice… I guess.


  • This scenario was discussed between the developers sometime.  It is possible at least some way of handling this may be added at some point.

  • Well considering the amount of work that's been done for v.2… I can easily understand that this is not "top priority"…

    If only I was a developer !!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The easiest way to get this done would be to shut off the filter while you are plugged straight into the WAN setting the device up. From the console, just type "pfctl -d" and you should be able to get in.

    You may have to type it again during parts of the config that might re-enable the filter, but it should get you in to do the wizard and then add the rules which would let you in on the WAN side.

    When you're done, be sure to use "pfctl -e" or reboot to re-enable the filter.

    Obviously this would be a bad idea if WAN were connected to a public network while you're doing this, but if you are configuring it on a local network temporarily it should be fine.

  • Thanks all,

    I have managed to get things up and running… 
    Had to reconfigure all interface the other way round :

    LAN –> WAN
    WAN --> WLAN

    Things are running smoothly, I only had to force the gateway for It to work.
    But now It seems ok…


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