Pfsense HVM domU: bridging help

  • I've got pfsense2.0 running as an HVM domU with Debian as the dom0 on Xen4.0.  My hardware doesn't support PCI-passthrough, so I'm trying to make do with just bridging.  I have 4 physical NICs named wan, safe, unsafe, and wifi.

    I have a few problems with networking:

    1. I would like to dedicate wan to the pfsense domU.  It has to obviously pass through the dom0, but I read that since it is simply bridged, there is no security threat (?).  What I've done is create the bridge pfsense-wan from wan, which I then add to the xen cfg of the pfsense domU.  The problem is that pfsense is unable to receive a dhcp lease on the wan NIC.

    2. I would like the safe NIC to also be passed to the pfsense domU.  I've created a xen-safe bridge from safe, and passed that to the xen cfg.  I would also like the dom0 to be a DHCP client of the pfsense domU.  I found that the tapX.1 interface that xen creates when the domU is created can receive a DHCP lease, but I couldn't ping it from the gateway.

    Here is my /etc/network/interfaces on the dom0:

    # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
    # and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).
    # The loopback network interface
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    # 3Com 100Mbit PCI NIC (wan)
    auto wan
    iface wan inet manual
    # Onboard Realtek Gigabit (safe)
    auto safe
    iface safe inet static
    address #this is the LAN ip in pfsense (and safe is the LAN NIC)
    # DGE-530T Gigabit PCI NIC (unsafe)
    auto unsafe
    iface unsafe inet manual
    # Atheros Wireless-G PCI NIC (wifi)
    auto wifi
    iface wifi inet manual
    # Bridging for Xen
    # bridging wan to pfsense domU
    # no other interface has access to this bridge
    auto pfsense-wan
    iface pfsense-wan inet manual
            bridge_ports wan
            post-up /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i wan -j DROP
            post-up /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i pfsense-wan -j DROP
    # bridging safe for use by xen
    # more than one domU will be connected to this internal bridge
    auto xen-safe
    iface xen-safe inet manual
            bridge_ports safe

    and the relevant part of the xen cfg for the pfsense domU:

    vif = [ 'bridge=pfsense-wan', 'bridge=xen-safe' ]

    If I can figure out these 2 NICs, I can figure out the other 2 on my own (I hope!)

  • Hi black0ut,
        You can assign other names to the bridge under debian. What is the config file in you made for the network-bridge? My example is like this but for xen 3.3.2 :-

    dir=$(dirname "$0")
    "$dir/network-bridge" "$@" netdev=eth0
    "$dir/network-bridge" "$@" netdev=eth1
    "$dir/network-bridge" "$@" netdev=dummy0

    hope this helps

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