Need New wireless card (need help to choose)

  • i do load balancing between 1 enet and 1 wlan… my old atheros ar5004g (ar5213a) fail and i need to buy another wireless card.
    my old was a mini pci with a adaptor and the signal-range was poor, i want something better! I find some external USB card with a Realtek 8187L chipset and i don't find it in the supported hardware list.

    so, for a very good range-coverage i need something powerfull but only G i don't use N
    if 8187L work, it's a good choice?

    or an Rt3070 ?

    but if you now other card i really need your opinion ( low price if you can)

    need your comment and help for this

    Thanks alot

  • ok i got no answer…

    i just want a good card ( all user seems to use atheros based card)
    good range
    pci or mi ni pci? i dont' know
    rp-sma connector (female)
    low price if it's possible!

  • I've generally had good results from Atheros based cards though some other users have reported problems. I've used the TP-Link TL-WN651G. I have had no experience with the TP-Link TL-WN350GD but it would probably give similar results since it is also Atheros based but 54Mbps only. (The TL-WN651G has an Atheros specific 108Mbps mode.)

    The TP-Link TL-WN321G is a USB card with the Ralink chipset supported by the rum driver. It has worked OK for me under pfSense 1.2.3 but not pfSense 2.0 BETA. I have no experience with the Tenda W54P but it appears to use the Ralink RT2561 chipset supported by the ral driver.

    The TL-WN321G, W54P and TL-WN350GD are all available at my local computer shop for under US$20 (after conversion at current exchange rates).

    I get good signal strength from both the Atheros PCI card and Ralink USB stick on both floors of my steel-framed house which has an upper floor area of about 200 sq metres.

  • humm thanks!

    i will look for all model you said and choose one :)

    Thanks alot!!

  • i have buy a TL-WN350GD :) should receive this new baby soon :)

  • I've had good results with a Marvell 88W8363.  Note that the driver was not available until FreeBSD 8, however.  This means it will not work on pfSense 1.2.3, only 2.0.

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