Notification of post received, post not present on thread

  • Friday 4AM the note below was posted to my email account.  The "reply" is still not on the thread as I see it.  I have cleared my browser cache and proxy cache and it still does not show up (2.5 days later).

    If someone can confirm that the last post to this thread is by jimp on June 1 at 10:06AM, then this confirms a problem with the forum.  If someone can tell me that they see a post on or about June 4 at 4AM by wqqll, then, I must have an internal problem somehow (though I don't see where those bits could be hiding!).

    A reply has been posted to a topic you are watching by wqqll.

    View the reply at:;topicseen#new

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    More replies may be posted, but you won't receive any more notifications until you read the topic.

    The pfSense Forum Team.

  • wqqll was a spammer account.
    He was banned and all posts deleted ;)

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