Xen throughput

  • Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone please tell me what throughput they are getting with pfsense on Xen, and what network card drivers they have chosen to use?

    Initially, I started off by doing PCI passthrough for my WAN NIC, and used e1000 emulation for LAN. Speed was capping at 90Mbp/s.
    When both were set to e1000, speed was capping at 30Mbp/s
    When LAN was set to e1000 and WAN was set to default (rl8xxx), speed was capping at 71Mbp/s.

    I wish I could have stayed with the first option, however my link speed is only detected at 10Mbps unless I take the cable out and in 2 or 3 times. Any tips on the above? In some cases, to get the above speed, I had to enable "device polling" in pfsense


  • I never had any issues, I have 3 MB / 512 KB and got max throught put without any issues.

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