Getting crazy…virtualbox(vmware)-hostapd-pfsense

  • Hi all,
    here is the problem is driving me crazy since 2 weeks… i have a EEE asus eb1501 that i would like to transform in to AP and captive portal.
    Ubuntu 9.10 is the OS with virtual box.
    I would like to use the wifi onboard card as an AP serving clients, and to go over internet through phisycal eth0 of ubuntu server.
    These are the steps i made:

    • eth0 bridged to WAN of pfsense, wlan0 bridged to LAN of pfsense
    • hostapd configuration on ubuntu, linked to wlan0, without auth, ip address to wlan0, starting hostapd service ok
    • start virtualbox, pfsense configuration with wan ip taken from ubuntu eth0, and lan ip manually configured to, dhcp on pfsense
    • can ping from pfsense wlan0
    • Basic nat configuration on pfsense
    • From pfsense console i can surf the internet through traceroute or ping or web traffic
    • PROBLEM:  clients connected to LAN (wireless) through hostapd and dhcp, can reach only pfsense box, and not the internet.
      It seems a lack of route back to pfsense, or a NAT issue. Is something about hostapd?
      Could you please help me?


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