System hangs after wireless config changes

  • So, I have one ATH EROS card and one RALINK for AP mode.
    I can access machine only by wireless over weekend and when I change something under RALINK part, for exemple IP adress, machine will stop responding after applying. I can see both AP signals, and connect, but can't ping none of them.
    Tommorow I'll go with my laptop to investigate my problem, how can I see what is cousing such crashes?
    Is it possible to make system restart after every config change?
    I'm total noob in this so please tell me what commands should I use to see more or to grab some logs before system crash?

    Thnx! Anyway pfsense rock :D

  • Check status>systemlogs for obvious messages. If you can't access your system anymore after this bug occurs setup a remote syslog server to send the messages to another system to investigate later.

    If this is a wrap or a soekris make sure your PSU is strong enough to handle the 2 wireless cards. If it is a wrap make sure you have the latest bios. There were some fixes that affect atheros problems.

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