Full access to the WAN port

  • Hi,  if I use an internal IP for the WAN address ( I cannot access it externally.  I have followed the instuctions relating to opening access to the WAN port for GUI access.  This is the first box I am installing behind a firewall. All my pfsense boxes that have live routeable IP addresses are working 100%.  Please can someone help on this?  ???javascript:void(0);

  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
    Assigning an address out of your LAN to the WAN doesn't make any sense.

    Can you post the layout of your network with the used subnets and where the pfSense you're trying to access is?

    Just a shot into the blue: Did you uncheck the box: "block rfc1918 subnet" on the WAN config page?

  • (WWW) –--> (DSL Router  ) ----> (PFsense      ) ----> (LocalNet)

    In my lame attemt above, the DSL router connects to the internet with a live IP.  The WAN link between the Router and PFsense is the 172.30.1.x/24 and the Localnet from PFsense back is 192.168.50.x/24.  The ONLY reason why I have to do it this way is because there are going to be multiple PFsense boxes behind that DSL router.  And I did remove the checkbox on the WAN config page.

  • From where do you check?
    Is your test-client actually in the subnet?

    If someone access from the internet: did you forwards the port on the DSL-modem as well?

  • I am testing from my PC plugged into the DSL router (  Reason for this is that I will have to configure remote access via the DSL router. i have forwarded port 80 and port 22 on the DSL router currently

  • Can you show a screenshot of the rules you created on your WAN?

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