Mulit-Wan https & Imap

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    pfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE
    Wondering if anyone may be able to help me out with a firewall rules issue.
    Running an internal sendmaill/dovecot/squirrelmail server. I have installed the 'secure login' plugin for squirrelmail. I figure I need to start pushing people to use this option this coming school year,FYI. The https works fine on our schools lan,but remotely I can not get the https to happen. The webpage just hangs and never does anything. I have tried doing packet captures on both WAN & LAN interfaces for port 443 and can never see anything that gives any failing clues.
    I set this up using the Multi-WAN 1.2.x doc on the site here. I seen the firewall rule at the end of the how to pertaining to the https rule. I am thinking it may be possibly even be a nat issue.

    Here is what I have setup and did work with the previous firewall. I setup a VIP to be used remotely for the webmail server of The internal ip of the server is

    Firewall>LAN rule
    TCP  *  443  443 *

    Port forward
    WAN  TCP  443  443

    Firewall>WAN rule
    TCP  *  *  * 443  *

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  • Hello All,

    Just wanted to post up the resolve for the https prob I had . It was in fact an NAT port forward I had created. ( Not firewall rule).
    I had an- tcp  * * */https  external/internal ip  *.
    I had two https's using the same VIP/ CARP. Kind of hard to explain without a screencap which I do not have,,:(.
    Anyways https on the IMAP server works like a champ now!


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