• Hello everyone,

    sorry my english is so bad,

    I ask the help everyone =)

    I am installing pfSense aquitetura this:

    Internet router –- --- --- pfSense AP

    my router giving me an ip: / 24


    configured my AP: / 24
    gateway: / 24

    in pfSense, is: wan: / 24 gt:

    lan: gt: 192.168.o.24

    I have both pfSense and DHCP in AP

    I could have internet for a day, but now the dhcp pfSense interferes with dhcp router
    and not have internet anymore, or access via the pfSense WebGUI


  • Is your AP a separate box connected to the pfSense LAN port possibly through a switch) or is your AP pfSense with a suitable wireless NIC?

  • AP is directly connected to the LAN port = (

  • Is your AP a bridge or a router? If its a bridge then you shouldn't have DHCP server running on both pfSense and the AP unless you take care to ensure they don't conflict in their address assignments  but it would be less hassle to have only the one DHCP server. If the AP is a router and the DHCP server is running only on the downstream interfaces then that shouldn't be a problem.

    DHCP clients typically get their IP address, name server IP address and default gateway from the DHCP server. My guess is that things go bad when your client renews its DHCP lease and gets a new (different) name server address and/or default gateway.

    I suggest you use pfSense as your only DHCP server (you might need to enable DHCP forwarding on your AP) and see how things go OR restart everything and record your client computer's IP address, name server IP address and default gateway and then when things go bad chek the current values against the original values to see if any of them have become incorrect.

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