Different filter by user or computer

  • I've looked around all the Captive Portal settings, Squid proxy and SquidGuard settings and can't find anything.

    What I want to do is be able to apply a certain set of filters depending on the account logged into using Captive portal on the wireless, and then on the lan specify different filters depending on the computer connected.

    So for example user 'a' can access everything whereas user 'b' is unable to access download sites.

    Same goes for pc connections.

    Is this possible?


  • captive portal for 1.2.3 can only bind to one Interface, so that wont work with different Interfaces.

    for Squid I am not sure if it can do different rules for different Interfaces (though it can bind to multiple Interfaces, but the filter applies to all Interfaces)
    I would set up squidguard for the Interface of user 'b' and block download sites from there.

  • Hi thanks for the reply.

    The problem is both the users are on the same interface, I've figured out how to do it using just squidguard by putting the proxy settings into the browser but what I was hoping I could do was have a transparent proxy, and then Captive Portal could use the SquidGuard users and settings for its login.

    Although I am presuming this isn't possible  ???

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