Question about antenna for atheros min pci card

  • I am runing pfsense on a PC Engines Alix2c10 board. The wifi card is Atheros AR5004G. I bought an enclosure which has one antenna hole.
    There are 2 connector for antenna on the mini pci card.
    My questions are:
    1. which connector on the card should I use for antenna or it does not matter?
    2. If I drill a second hole in the enclosure to add another antenna, would there be a benefit for me or it is designed to work with only one antenna?

  • 1. Those two connectors should be labeled MAIN and AUX. If you use only one antenna, use the MAIN connector.
    2. Using two antennas you can take benefit of antenna diversity (assuming you are using omnidirectional antennas).

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