FWD 80 port from Lan to Lan

  • Hi,

    I have following:

    local clients ( -
    Web server (
    Pfsense (int ip

    That I want:

    If client trying open specific internet website (e.g. ip addr  all traffic should be redirected to local web server.

    Is it possible?

  • That sounds like conditional NAT, which I think is being worked on in beta 2.0

    Can you use DNS instead of IP addresses? DNS would be much easier.

  • This won't work, since you are trying to redirect traffic back out the interface it came in on, which PF does not support.  This can be made to work a couple of different ways, I think, but not easily, I don't think.

  • Hi all, thanks for reply. It's solved using DNS forwarder ( static mapping ).

    And one more thing which I want realize:

    If someone from internet connecting to my public WAN ip by 8000 port, connection should route to another Internet address and another port.
    I think it can be implemented as it worked on my win server with winroute.

  • Yes, split DNS, I should have mentioned that.

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