[Solved] VMware Player 3.1.0 pfSense 2.0 Beta 3 Snapshot

  • I have been attempting to play around with 2.0 using the above on Mint 8. I am hitting a roadblock because I can not access the webgui via the WAN. I was able to ping the LAN once but now packets are dropped. All my interfaces in player are set to bridge. I can not create a custom VMNET I presume because player wont let you create it. (However, using the 1.2.3 rel appliance from the website I can) I can ping from pfsense to my host but I get not access from anything else even ssh. With the pre-created appliance I can access the webgui by default.

    So here is my question. Does anyone know a how I can toggle a setting to access the gui from the WAN interface via console?

    Also, I can see pfsense blocking all requests match 24/0 tcp 40 Bad header length - 0, < 20 using Show filterlogs from console.  Possibly a unstable snapshot?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can just disable the firewall:

    pfctl -d

    And when you have a rule in place to allow that access, turn it back on:

    pfctl -e

  • Thank you that did the trick! Wow 2.0 is pretty!

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