Lo nuevo de Pfsense 2.0

  • **  Operating System**

    Based on FreeBSD RELENG_8, what will become 8.1 release.

    * GRE tunnels
        * gif tunnels
        * 3G support
        * Dial up modem support
        * LAGG Interfaces
        * Interface groups
        * IP Alias type Virtual IPs
        * QinQ VLANs
        * Gateway enhancements for multi-WAN
        * Can use Block Private Networks / Block Bogon Networks on any interface
        * All interfaces are optional except WAN
        * All interfaces can be renamed, even LAN/WAN
        * Bridging enhancements - can now control all options of if_bridge, and assign bridge interfaces
    General Web GUI

    * Set to HTTPS by default, HTTP redirects to HTTPS port
        * Dashboard and widgets added
        * System > Advanced screen split into multiple tabs, more options available.
        * SMTP email alerts and growl alerts
        * New default theme - pfsense_ng
        * Some community-contributed themes added
        * Contextual help available on every page in the web interface, linking to a webpage containing help and documentation specific to that page.

    * Aliases may be nested (aliases in aliases)
        * Alias autocomplete is no longer case sensitive
        * IP Ranges in Aliases
        * More Alias entries supported
        * Bulk Alias importing
        * URL Aliases
        * URL Table Aliases - uses a pf persist table for large (40,000+) entry lists


    * Traffic shaper rewritten - now handles any combination of multi-WAN and multi-LAN interfaces. New wizards added.
        * Layer7 protocol filtering
        * EasyRule - add firewall rules from log view (and from console!)
        * Floating rules allow adding non-interface specific rules
        * Dynamically sized state table based on amount of RAM in the system
        * More Advanced firewall rule options
        * FTP helper now in kernel
        * TFTP proxy
        * Scheduled rules are done in pf, so existing sessions can be disconnected
        * State summary view, report shows states grouped by originating IP, destination IP, etc

        * Multiple IPsec p2's per p1 (multiple subnets)
        * IPsec xauth support
        * IPsec transport mode added
        * IPsec NAT-T
        * ipsec-tools version 0.8

    User Manager

    * New user manager, centralizing the various user configuration screens previously available.
        * Per-page user access permissions for administrative users
        * Three built-in authentication types - local users, LDAP and RADIUS.
        * Authentication diagnostics page

    Certificate Manager

    * Certificate manager added, for handling of IPsec, web interface, user, and OpenVPN certificates.


    * OpenVPN filtering - an OpenVPN rules tab is available, so OpenVPN interfaces don't have to be assigned to perform filtering.
        * OpenVPN client export package - provides a bundled Windows installer with certificates, Viscosity export, and export of a zip file containing the user's certificate and configuration files.
        * OpenVPN status page with connected client list – can also kill client connections
        * User authentication and certificate management
        * RADIUS and LDAP authentication support

    Captive Portal

    * Voucher support added
        * Multi-interface capable
        * Pass-through MAC bandwidth restrictions
        * Allowed IP bandwidth restrictions
        * Pass-through MAC Auto Entry - upon successful authentication, a pass-through MAC entry can be automatically added.

        * Virtual AP (VAP) support added
        * more wireless cards supported with the FreeBSD RELENG_8 (8.1) base
    Server Load Balancing

    * relayd and its more advanced capabilities replace slbd.

    * L2TP VPN added
        * DNS lookup page added
        * PFTop and Top in GUI - realtime updates
        * Config History now includes a diff feature
        * Config History has download buttons for prior versions
        * Config History has mouseover descriptions
        * CLI filter log parser (/usr/local/bin/filterparser)
        * Switched to PHP 5
        * IGMP proxy added
        * Multiple Dynamic DNS account support, including full multi-WAN support and multi-accounts on each interface.

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