Age of Empires 2 and Network play

  • Good afternoon,
    I've just installed pfSense and it works very well for surfing. I'd like to get it working for hosting a game over the internet as well.

    My setup:
    WAN - DHCP - Cable modem
    LAN - Static IP's (10.0.0.x)

    What happens:
    Local only Network games work fine.

    I've added the port forwards to allow incoming connections.

    When a friend connects to the game over the Internet it works fine.
    When I try to join neither of us can see each other but the server can see both of us.

    I tried net reflection on and off with no visible difference.

    Do I need to create our own personal vpn ?


  • I think creating VPN should solve your problem.

  • Make sure UPnP is turned off on both ends. I've never been able to get an AOE II game to work correctly when having it enabled.

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