Trouble with configuring

  • i am trying to setup a captive portal for my boss. I have pfsense installed on a oracle vm virtual machine and created two adapters for it that are bridged. adapter one is bound to NIC1 which is connected to the business's network and the other adapter two, is connected to a linksys AP with open access. In pfsense i assigned em0 to the adapter that is connected to the business network and em1 to the NIC that is connected to the AP. I have the domain set to that of the business's. assigned DNS servers, the WAN is set to DHCP and LAN set to a static 10.x.x.x address and subnet which is the same as the rest of the network. block private networks and bogon networks are both checked. captive portal is set two the LAN interface with 2 clients per address, 10 minute idle timeout, no hard time out, redirect to, popup window enabled and local user authentication in which i had already made a user account for myself for testing purposes. DNS forwarder, DHCP relay and DHCP server are all disabled. i can ping the default gateway, dns and dhcp servers on my network. i try to connect my laptop (which set to automatic IP) to the AP and it hangs for 20-30 seconds or so then tells me "connection unsuccessful. you may be connected to a wireless hotspot, you may need to open your browser to finish conntecting" and i have a 169.254.x.x IP address. I open the browser on the laptop and i don't get redirected. I tried enabling dhcp relay and dns forwarder to point to the servers on my network but i still can't get the laptop to get an IP. The DHCP server on the network has it set up for MAC filtering but i already had the net admin add my two NIC's into the DHCP server and bind them to an IP address. what am i doing wrong? ??? it's really starting to frustrate me.

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