Web server back-flow rules in DMZ

  • I have a 1:1 NAT setup with an web server in the DMZ.  I have setup the WAN rules to allow 80/443 to the web server in the DMZ.  The web site is only visible from the outside what I have a rule on the DMZ interface allowing the web server traffic out.  As it pfSense is not making a statefull connection in both directions.  Any ideas?  I added a rule for the web server to communicate to ANY with ports 1024-65000 as a temporary fix.  But this then opens unwanted holes into the LAN side as well.

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    use the DNS forwarder for the domain.

  • It is enabled, but there is no domain yet as it is a test server at the moment.  How will the DNS forwarder help the situation?

  • for the destination on your DMZ interface rule, tick the 'not' box and select LAN subnet.

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