No acces on linux system but on windows works perfectly

  • Hi there,

    I'm using pfSense for a firewall project and it's working perfect for filtering etc. but I have a problem with one thing: I can't connect to either pfSense nor the firewall on the network when there is a cisco switch between my laptop and pfsense and when i connect the laptop directly on the lan interface it works. It only occurs when i'm on my linux mint 8 installation and not when i'm on my windows disk.

    Anyone any idea's?

  • this is a little too vague :(  can you give more details?  a network map/description?

  • Yes ofcourse sorry.
    This is a network scheme of the network:
    In the switch is everything default,
    Windows is windows 7
    Linux laptop contains linux mint 8 and on second disk windows 7 (where internet and firewall connection works) this is installed on second drive, nearly there

    ip adres def. gateway:
    Server ip:
    DHCP range: -

    Firewall pfsense rules:
    block all traffic
    allow port 80
    allow port 53
    allow port 443
    allow icmp
    allow port 137 and 138

    firewall is reachable can be connected by a special port xx93 and has a ssl certificate.

    If you need anymore info ask, because i'm really lost here :P

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