Idle connections do not expire

  • Hi

    I have a simple 2 interface setup of pfSense 1.0. The problem is that the idle connection do not expire. I have set the firewall optimization to aggressive and still no luck. After using Bittorrent there are always 200-400 active states even if the bittorrent client is closed for several days. If the router is over week up there are over 1000 connections (all are ESTABLISHED:ESTABLISHED). Even unplugging the LAN cable does not help.

    Is there anything else I can do except resetting the states manually?

  • Oh sorry 1.0.1 is out, I will try that.

  • At your firewallrules check out the advanced setings that are hiding behind some "advanced" buttons. You can set timeouts for each rule individually. Try using some lower values there.

  • Thanks that worked for me.
    I modified the bittorrent rule and set state timeout to 120 seconds and state type to modulate state.

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