Outgoing Packets Blocked

  • Last week I had an issue where all outgoing packets, well at least UDP, were being blocked.  See this screen shot.

    For the outgoing rule, I have the default Automatic outbound NAT, and have not set up any outbound rules in the firewall.

    It looks like the issue was caused by my cable modem, as at one point the IP handed out was, which is strange, because the modem shouldn't be working like a DHCP server.

    Even after I got my "real" IP back, I still couldn't make any outbound connections.

    I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but I have the following line in my config, to suppress a bunch of error messages, that flood the log.  This sometimes makes the LAN interface report this IP, instead of the one I have assigned to it:

    <shellcmd>ifconfig vr0 inet netmask alias</shellcmd>

    I've also included the system.log covering from before the issue started, up to the point I rebooted.

    Any thoughts on why this happened, and why it didn't "recover" later.


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