1.0.1 snmp no longer works against inside interface of a remote pfsense box?

  • i have 2 pfsense boxes that form an IPsec vpn.  at my remote site, pfsense is running 1.0.1.  at my local site, its running 1.0-RC3.  my cacti graphing has been at my remote site since for quite a while, but im in the process of migrating it to my local site.  i currently have 2 mirrored cacti installs (one at each site) and this is the behavior im seeing:

    the remote site can get interface statistics from the inside interface of the local pfsense (1.0-RC3).

    the local site cannot get interface statistics from the inside interface of the remote pfsense (1.0.1).

    last night was when i deployed what will be my new cacti install, and when i imported all my graphs and logs, everthing came up fine, except the remote 1.0.1 box.  is this behavior intended?


  • At the remote end check the following option at services>snmp:

    This option can be useful when trying to access the SNMP agent by the LAN interface's IP address through a VPN tunnel terminated on the WAN interface.

  • well, ive not changed back to "up" yet, but snmp-get against it from this side appears to be working.  i would assume in another 4 minutes, he should be "recovering".

    thanks hoba :)

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