Re: Openvpn dual wan using OPT

  • My problem is also similar to this.

    I want my site to site client to use their WAN2 for connectiing to server.
    But by default it connect using WAN1.

    If I have to create the Static Route on site to site client box, on which Interface (LAN/WAN/WAN2) should I create it.

    Please reply

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I split this into a new topic rather than re-using a year-old topic that may or may not really be related. In general, it's usually better to start your own thread for your issue and if you suspect it's related, put a link to the old thread inside of the new one.

    That said, to use OpenVPN on an OPT WAN, you put a static route on that OPT interface for the far end server. If your OPT WAN IP is static, you might also want to put "local x.x.x.x;" in the OpenVPN server's custom options box, to make it only listen on that IP.

    FYI- OpenVPN client and server setups for Multi-WAN are covered in the book.

  • thanks,

    your suggestion worked

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