HOW to Run IPMSG (free ip messanger) over Open VPN network

  • I have two offices and both the are connected with site to site OPENVPN.
    I am using TCP 1194 port for connectivity.

    I can access the network resources like remote desktop, intranet sites and others but not IPMSG.

    I tried possible setup mentioned in IPMSG site, but it didn't work.

    I want to run IPMSG over OPENVPN network so that I can use it just like local network.

    If anybody have solution please reply

  • Any information about how this tool works?
    If it's based on broadcasts, it won't work in any routed scenario. (unless you run some kind of broadcast-proxy on the pfSense)

  • It is based on broadcast.

    It uses UDP port 2425

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I haven't tried that one, but I have used Pidgin+Bonjour to use local network chat across OpenVPN by running the Avahi package on both ends of the OpenVPN tunnel.

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