Lost connection to the outside

  • for some reason i have totally lost connection to the internet. i had a block all outgoing rule set and then i added allow for http pop imail and some other stuff. when i realized i couldnt go anywhere i deleted all rules on lan side and i still cant get out, this is a relle annoying issue cause everything worked fine for a day or 2 and all of a sudden i woke and i had no internet.

  • can someone suggest something im running out of options, ibe tried everything but a fresh reinstall.

  • Per default everything is blocked.
    You have to specifically add rules to allow something.
    So if you delete all rules, nothing is allowed.
    The order of the rules is important.
    It's top-to-down and if a rule catches the rest below is no longer considered.

  • ohh ok, i was confused cause it said on the lan side rules it said blocking all incoming which is wat i thought the wan rules do. i guess it meant anything incoming from lan side

  • Rules are always per interface.
    So the rules on the WAN interface are for traffic coming in on the WAN interface and rules on the LAN interface are for traffic coming in on the LAN interface.
    Always seen from a point of view of the firewall.

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