Urgent Help Need for tftp

  • Hello, we have VOIP phones that need to talk to a TFTP server on the WAN side and cannt. I hear this is not possible is 1.2.3 I have the vendor onsite, is there any work arounds for my version? It is on an embedded adix system with compact flash read only file system. Or should I upgrade to version 2 for tftp proxy?

  • I just started the upgrade to 2.0 nanobsd 4g on it and its just sitting there saying not to reboot. It has been there for about 20 minutes, should I just power cycle it?

  • I hit refresh and it didnt say much so I rebooted it and now it says it is still on 1.2.3 and appears to be working. The phones are also working now apparently they had a newer cisco firmware on them that would not work. We got older phones and they started working immediately. I plan on rolling out hundreds of pfsense routers to customers and before I can do so I will need the tftp proxy ability.

  • Two options:

    1. Use a TFTP server that follows normal networking rules, i.e. replies with the original source and dest ports flipped.
    2. Use 2.0 with the TFTP proxy.

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