Rules for Online Games Traffic Route to OPT1, HOW?

  • I had setup my dual wan pfsense and already create a load balance for the DSL.

    But i would like to route all online games to my DSL2 (OPT1).

    Do i need the TCP port of the games, how do i get them?


  • Ooo that might not help you, what you are probably going to need is the IP address of the servers.  If all the servers are within a range that wouldn't be hard.  But if they are all over the place that could become tedious and hard.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this.

  • You either need the ports, or the IP block, that the game will use. You can find the former with Google, most games will give you that info. The latter can be found via Google likely as well, or search ARIN for one of the provider's IPs, which should give you their full block (if it strictly goes to one IP block that will work).

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