Cannot access pfsense box behind a router on the LAN

  • Hi,
    To begin with my configuration:

    www–-pfsense---cisco---switch---my pc

    I’m having a problem accessing the pfsense box with the above configuration. I can browse and ping the internet, but I cannot ping or browse the pfsense box. If I put my pc on the same LAN with the LAN interface of the pfsese, than I can access and ping it.

    I have added the static route on the pfsense to access my pc network. I can also ping my pc from the pfsense.

    Am I doing anything wrong?

    Than u,

  • Did you change the default LAN to any rule? This rule will only give you access from the LAN subnet but not from a subnet behind your LAN subnet. Either change the source in that rule to ANY or add another rule that permits traffic from the subnet behind the router or sum up all your internal subnets in a networks alias and use that one as source for your rule.

    Btw, viewing status>systemlogs, firewall should show you if you get actively blocked when coming from the other subnet. Clicking on the icon in front of the firewall log will tell you what rule triggered the block.

  • this is the only route that i have on the pfsense:

    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Description 
      *    *        * *              *  x.x.x.x  Default LAN -> any

    is there anything else i can do?

  • Gateway x.x.x.x? You have to set it to default to use the systems routing table. It should display as "*" in the rules overview.

  • thank u

    works fine

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