Firewall tutorial

  • Hi, I am new to PFSense and hardware firewalls in general.

    I just installed PFSense on some mini-ITX hardware and successfully went through the initial configuration.

    I have a home network and would eventually like to install a webserver in a DMZ but for now I would just like to learn about configuring a firewall for my LAN so I can monitor traffic and customize my rules. I connect via DSL PPPoE with Dynamic IP Address. I also have a Linksys WRT54GS connected on the same LAN subnet that I use for a 4 port ethernet switch and to handle my Wi-Fi.

    Could somebody please point me towards an easy straight forward tutorial for configuring a PFSense firewall for a simple network configuration like I have?


  • Just to be a little more clear. I want to disable the default "pass" rule so everything is blocked and then start opening whatever is needed based on studying the firewall logs.

  • Then disable or remove that rule.

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