• All of a sudden my pfS 1.2.3-RELEASE has stopped logging firewall entries. I have a number of rules that I from time to time log for, for testing purposes and then disable logging. Now all of a sudden no logging, neither on new rules nor the old ones that have worked earlier, is working. Save / reset states seem to not make a difference.

    Actually, when checking again, I don't see any logging on any tab in some 10 days… It seems ALL logging has stopped..

    The number of log entries shown is set to 500 and is not changed. RRD graphing is working.

    Last entry (taken from syslog server and found to be last entry in pfS system log viewer too):

    2010-07-22 09:04:32 Syslog.Error Jul 22 09:04:36 syslogd: exiting on signal 15


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That message is normal when the logging daemon (syslog) is restarted.

    You can give syslog a kick in the rear to restart it by clicking "save" on the settings tab of the system logs.

  • Thanx for the hint, it does seem it did the trick, the logging is working again.
    There are a few tabs where logs are not yet updating, like OpenVPN, thought something should've been noted there in 3 hours. I'll keep an eye on it, FW logs are working though, I can do test connections and see that they are entered in FW log vindow.

    Right now I have a somewhat "complex" setup with a VPN as a second WAN interface and doing some route adding and deleting manually and using that with policy routing, but this shouldn't have anything to do with logging working or not I guess?