Load balancer on pfsense 1.2.2

  • Hi,

    I want two internet connection, ADSL and SDSL. But from what i see, there are ADSL only got traffic. The other one no traffic at all. Sometimes when ADSL got higher traffice, it's not round robin to SDSL.

    Is it a bug? It only use one connection at all times. What is purpose i set load balancer if it use one connection only? Please advice.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't enough information there to say anything for certain.

    You have to setup the load balancer pools, and also use them in firewall rules on the LAN side to match traffic and direct it into the pool(s) using the 'gateway' field.

    If you need more help, we need to know how your Load Balancer pools and LAN rules are setup. (Screenshots help)

  • Yes, i already setup and monitor ip dns ISP.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I got that much from the first message, but more important is the other information I asked for: your LAN firewall rules, and if they have a gateway set.

  • Hi,

    All LAN pc will thru proxy. They cannot by pass firewall. Proxy set to access using gateway (set as load balancer).

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You didn't say you were using the proxy before - If you are using the squid package, that traffic will not balance. It always goes out WAN. There is no way to load balance squid proxy traffic on 1.2.3.

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