How to open inbound SIP calls?

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a provider that send calls to our IP over SIP. In firewall rules, if I set a source single host IP and set destination to single host within the local LAN, should that take care of everything?

    As for my understanding goes, a SIP call would require 5060 TCP, 5060 UDP, and 10000-20000 UDP (asterisk situation) to be opened and forwarded.

    So, does the destination port range > SIP make sure that all above mentioned ports are opened and forwarded?


  • you almost certainly don't need TCP/5060.  i would open just UDP/5060 and UDP/10000-20000, not the entire range.

  • Then what is that SIP designation in the menu?


  • Assuming you mean in the pull-down menu for the port? SIP is udp/5060, although some providers (few now, AFAIK) support SIP over TCP.

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