Can i Define port 1194 for 2 different destination

  • Hi
    When i will make this pfsense as openVpn server , I understand that , client will try to connect to this openvpn server via port 1194

    Now, I have a firewall rules for port forwarding 1194 to a LInux base internal server for a specific IP

    Now if i make this pfsense as openvpn server, will it overlap with the existing port forward rules ??

    what i am trying to understand is :

    There would be 2 type of client.
    one  will connect to pfsense openvpn server directly  and another client from Specific Ip will forward to Internal Openvpn server

    will it work this way??(ipcop used to work this way, dont know about pfsense)

    Thanks for your help and advise

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, you can't use 1194 for a port forward and for incoming OpenVPN connections.

    Just run the pfSense instance on 1195 or any other port. It's not a big deal to adjust the clients to connect to the other port.

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