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    I had pretty much the same problem you described so I'll give you a description of my setup. Hopefully this will work for you too.

    1-You'll have to enable the FTP-Proxy userland application for your WAN and LAN interface.

    2-Then create a firewall rule on your LAN interface allowing from any (proto, source ip, source port) to with the "default" gateway (the one named default . Make this rule the very first in your list (this is important!)

    3-Then add a NAT rule for your WAN interface TCP port 21 external address being the "interface address", internal your FTP Server.

    4-Let the script create the firewall rule for you, apply and go to the firewall rules. Copy the automatic NAT FTP Server rule just created and in this copy change the destination address to "WAN Adress". You should habe two rules for Port 21, one in one out.

    This works for my FTP active and passive - in and out.
    I hope it'll help you too.
    Bu açıklamaya göre sorunu bende çözmüş bulunmaktayım..
    Kolay Gelsin 8 Ağustos 2010