WebGUI and links2

  • I've been unable to consistently effect changes in the WebGUI when accessed through links2.  It would be less confusing to me if it always or never worked but it seems to vary.  My first exposure was trying to add static DHCP assignments, the second was trying to enable NTPD.  I can navigate to the NTP screen.  I can tick the "enable" box.  I can click "save."  The page reloads but goes back to the initial condition (box not ticked).

    Does the GUI require scripting?  Any suggestions?

    (Other than dropping to the command line.  I'm trying to assemble a how-to for folks I don't trust on CLI.)

    Thanks and Prost!

  • Running 1.2.3-RELEASE

    (I can't believe I left that out.  I hate it when people do that.)

  • I happened to try changing another setting, this time disabling SSH in the advanced settings page.  It reloaded.  When I returned to the OpenNTPD setting, it was enabled!

    Is this a matter of a "settings reload" not being initiated with every "save" button click?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Some things do require javascript, but that's usually reserved to enabling/disabling options from showing or being available for selection. Usually it works for checking/unchecking/saving.

    I usually just run links from the console and access it via http://localhost/ though, using the version built into the system.

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